Friday, July 1, 2016


As I do my best to do what needs to be done today, at least part of me, whenever it gets the chance, will be joining with the Somme Centenary vigil.

On days like today, 100 years to the day from the start of the battle that cost the lives of, literally, a million souls from around the globe.

On days like today, as Brits (and many others) seek to find a way of engaging with the world post Brexit.

On days like today as so many reflect on the changing face of politics around the world . . . and wonder how we can become one nation . . . and one humanity.

As we remember those who gave their lives then, and in other conflicts since, in so many nations, from so many backgrounds, let us remember that, first and foremost, they were human beings . . . like you, like me.

Everyman: A sung contribution

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