Monday, April 3, 2017

The One Spirit of Brexit

How can we best stay positive and hopeful during the next 2 years (and perhaps longer) during the Brexit process? How can we all, each and every one us, play our part in smoothing the process and bringing about the best result for everyone: Brits and fellow Europeans alike?

Because isn’t that part of the reason the vote for Brexit went the way it did: that so many individuals felt excluded from the EU and related political and bureaucratic decisions and benefits? If we want a better, stronger, Britain as a result, such factors have to be taken into account!

And, underlying the practices and projects, the mechanisms and debate, what is it that matters most here?

This song, to me, sums it up.

Amongst my very good friends are Polish, French and Greek (well, Greek-Australia, actually: which further makes my point!). I’ve lived in England, Wales and Portugal, worked closely with Scandinavians, Germans, Irish, Belgians and Italians. I’ve had wonderful holidays, for example, in Croatia and Spain. I’m proud to be English but am very much a European . . . and that won’t change one iota during and after Brexit.

Why? Because in all my relationships with my fellow Europeans, I’ve enjoyed our differences (e.g. in exploring the wide-ranging cuisine of our continent) and, at the same time, connected with them as fellow human-beings.

Brexit will succeed because of the British Spirit, a One Spirit of Friendship to those we live amongst and work alongside . . . particularly in times of uncertainty.

Brexit will succeed because of the human spirit: our underlying need to belong and engage with each other: the One Spirit of Co-operation.

Listen to, and preferably sing along with this song . . . (or audio version here)

The family of Man keeps sowing
The seeds of a new life every day

What sort of seeds are you sowing, every day?

Let us each, in our own way, endeavour to sow seeds of friendship, by smiling, by actively listening.

Let us each, at every chance we get, sow seeds of co-operation by being willing to open our minds to perspectives different from our own.

Let us each, day by day, live in the One Spirit that is Human love for fellow-man and for our wonderful home planet.

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